View Full Version : iPhone 6s Plus zoom problem

30th September 2015, 01:18
Once I received my new iPhone 6s Plus and played the game it now looks zoomed in and not normal. I did not set the iPhone up with the zoomed in display setting. I did restore from my backup - idk if that makes a difference or not. It is zoomed in so much that I can't even see the back end of my vehicle.

30th September 2015, 06:50
Can you please upload a screenshot of that?

30th September 2015, 15:47
I don't see how to do that on here.

11th October 2015, 15:23

I have attached a picture. You cannot upload pics from your iPhone... I had to login on my computer.

13th October 2015, 06:25
That will be fixed in the nearest update. Stay tuned