View Full Version : New Level Ideas

Elite Steel King
16th October 2015, 19:59
Post ideas you have for new levels here.

Elite Steel King
16th October 2015, 20:03
I have an idea for a rocketry level. Basically, the level is straight up and you want to build a rocket that can go the highest. Probably made for multiplayer. Maybe have obsticles to dodge or tunnels that have bends in them that you have to go through.

Another idea I had was a moon level. Reduced gravity and maybe produces more bounce and has large craters and large mountains.

17th November 2015, 15:35
Why not an underwater level? We can build submarines or boats.

17th November 2015, 16:14
Or maybe a game mode where you can purposely crash your rover and see how far you can fling the pilot.

1st December 2015, 08:18
Ok i have a good idea: just add an map where u can do Anything just an sandbox, youknow? Please add!!

Elite Steel King
15th December 2015, 18:18
YEEEEEEES! Some of the greatest moments are when you are rag dolling after the results page is up, so you aren't able to share a replay of it