View Full Version : Allow more than 1 spoiler, to make planes, or make a wing...

30th August 2015, 20:22
I found a kind of exploit, or bug that makes the spoiler act like a wing.. If you turn it upside down, and it works like a wing, i tried making a plane, but cant quite balance it... Just a cool idea that i would like to see. Thanks for reading! ---long time player, shayne.---

31st August 2015, 06:08
Wing-like rover parts are in backlog and would be implemented sometime :)

4th January 2016, 04:44
You could create some levels that are vertical to use with wing like parts.
This can be moved to NEW LEVEL IDEAS if someone used this idea. Just thought if we're talking wing looking parts and possibly adding the ability to thrust left/right then it could be appropriate.
The corners could be wing tips if you are looking down on the rover.