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    new approach

    hi there devs! 1st of all, congrats on Dead Ahead! its awesome. really! i just L O V E the graphics and the mood, the animations, the music (ITS FANTASTIC!!!). it being said, its what brings me to the point here. so have you devs thought of using the visual style and story od this game to build a different approach? and by different i mean and adventure arcade style (like Dead Pixels on XBLA
    there is A LOT of side scrollers with zombies on android app store, but i've checked them all and they re all too childish, too bad, or too unappealling...
    please consider this, you could have "hideouts" (like the pizza building on the vid) with item stores (IAP or not) and even building where you could trade with other players... i mean, using this Dead Ahead World as a android larger and ambitious game, because, and lets be honest, in the end, a endless runner can only so far. but dont get me wrong, keep the updates coming!

    congrats again on the good work!
    hope one day to be doing nice games such as this!

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    We have a concept game built on Dead Ahead graphics where the player goes on feet and clearing houses on his way to the rescue.
    We are still deciding on whether to greenlight it.

    But we are making an another game in Dead Ahead universe. I think you will like it. More info later

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    hell yeah!! greenlight both please! if you guys made them with the same quality as dead ahead its a hit!
    i love dead ahead ambience and i never got hooked on endless runners before :P
    is it possible to see any images on them both by now?
    please continue the good work! thank you!

    IMHO, i think the ranks are a lil'bit overpowered... i've been checking on forums and other pages and theres lots of folks having a hard time passing them... I, for one, am on rank 11 and there's simply no way that i can do the 250 kill combo, so i dont even want to think of the 300(!) combo...
    so, my suggestion is u guys help us a bit with that... nerf them a bit or add a option to skip to a different one or skip with money...^

    one other nice addition would be a gallery with the game charas or daily challenges. something more to spice it up!
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    My best combo is 1,508 > the way to really rack up a great combo is buy all the perks in the beginning of the round, and keep killing the zombies consistently with your now OP self. This is a risk if you mess up, and die, since the cost of that one round is 6000 coins, but my average coins with the perks is 10000 or more! You get way more coins with this method.

    Just a tip from a rank 20. :P

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