I've been playing Dead Ahead for a whole now, and I'm rank 20! So yeah, I'm hooked as you probably could tell. While playing I thought of a couple ideas, like a new game mode.

The game mode would be called "Hardcore" or something like that, and basically how it works, is you start out with the scooter, the revolver, and you begin in the forest. As you go on through the game, the zombies get more health and become faster as usual. At about 1000 meters you get teleported to, or drive to the next area, the suburbs. 2000 meters later you go to the next level, so basically it gets hard as you go on. But there's a twist. The power ups in the level are no longer power ups, they will now be Gun Up, Bike Up, and Scramble. These will give you a new gun or bike, and the scramble will randomly give you a better or worse gun and bike, it's a risk.

I think it would be super cool if you could add this game mode maybe for 1.2! Thanks for reading!