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Thread: Shop item tool tips, misleading.

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    Shop item tool tips, misleading.

    In an attempt at upgrading the rover, I purchased a set of sports wheels and the better cockpit for the accumulators. Ended up beefing it pretty hard on a rough landing, so I bought some of the heavy frames as they are indicated to having more durability at the cost of extra weight. So after buying the allowed 4x and upgrading them to match the upgraded level of the standard frame I was surprised to see that both standard and heavy frames both have the durability of 7 at 6/10. I also was under the impression that accumulators had 4 times the capacity of standard barriers, this is also untrue. What's going on guys? I just spent over 150k coins only to have a gimped rover due to poorly written tool tips.

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    Yes, the numbers on tool tips are quite rounded.
    The behavior under them can differ slightly.

    We are going to address this in 2.0 update.

    The main problem is that the internal characteristics are float numbers, like "0.05" or "1.25". They would not look good in UI so we rounded them in current version.

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