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    Talking From our team

    We Love hearing from happy customers
    Here at Mobirate, our passion is video games! We love developing and releasing video games that are easy to download and fun to play. One of our most popular games is Rovercraft. Rovercraft is an exciting arcade journey on the hills of distant planets that the player travels on via the space rover they have constructed.
    The player can equip their vehicle with jet engines, reactors, super-wheels and many other upgrades that will help them navigate the rugged terrain of these exotic planets. The real challenge is to build a rover that can withstand the changing terrain without running out of fuel.

    It’s a game that mixes racing and crafting and is fun for all ages. So far, we’ve gotten great feedback from those who have downloaded Rovercraft:

    “I play this game way to much! I love it! I love the idea that you get the freedom to design the rover any way you like and that you have the ability to improve the parts as well as buy new parts.” By Mraliwade

    “This game is just so fun, I've played almost every day since I've gotten it. It's like a mix between Bad Piggies and Hill Climb Racer, and it's very creative. I like the roulette wheel as well………..anyone reading this should at least give it a try.” By MechShadow

    In addition to these great testimonials, we’ve also gotten some great feedback on things we can do to improve the game even more. We’ll share some of those suggestions in our upcoming blogs, but please know that we love hearing from you and we DO value your customer input.

    Happy Downloads!
    The Mobirate Team

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    It's absolutely awesome to know that you appreciate your players feedback! Keep up the awesome work and we look forward to each and every update with new maps and Rovercraft designs 😊

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