Garage, Steamcraft and more...

- Garage.
A number of slots to save your different rover builds. Keep different rovers for different planets. Only 3 slots in this update. We might add more in future.
- Steamcraft. A new planet for advanced rovercrafters. No refuels, moving obstacles and more. Discuss the planet in respective post.
- New dailies. 5 new tricky daily challenges. Now 85 in total! Show your replays in challenges forum.

Changes and fixes
- Leaderboard for Polaris has been released
- Fixed air-time bonus not counting for certain rover builds
- Kiip rewards switched off after any purchase
- Several checkpoint bugs fixed

Enjoy the game and participate in community forums to help us make the game better.
Stay tuned for 1.11 update with mini-tournament level and later this year (hopefully) is the 2.0 update with a lot of new features.